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Our Story

It all started with a vision

When Qimei was started back in 1999, the idea behind it was simple: to provide others with food that we would want to feed our own family.

Two decades later, we supply our products to five continents. Yet our vision has never changed.

organic farm

In the beginning, our idea was big, but our land was small: 130 acres of bare sandy land. At that time, we could only grow asparagus. Asparagus grows well in sand and it helped preserve our land from further degradation. Our asparagus was well-received in the local market...


Fast forward to today, Qimei has grown to a size we didn't even think was possible before:

2,700 Acres of Organic Farmland

1,400 Acres of Conventional Farmland

1,600 Farmers

200+ Products

20+ Countries of Customer Base

4 Distribution Centers

3 Countries of Customer Service Offices


We wouldn't have achieved this growth without our customers and their support. Their continuous trust in our company has justified the dedication we've put forth since 1999.

organic certified facility

Growing production:
one facility at a time

Our popularity in the local markets allowed us to expand our growing area and sustainably produce more items. Then, we faced a new problem: It was increasingly difficult to get our fresh produce to more customers. We needed to preserve our products longer while maintaining the nutrients and flavor. Thus, the first facility was born...

In 2005, we built our first factory right next to our farmland. It was an IQF production facility. The first factory enabled us to reach a bigger market and a broader audience base.

Through interactions with customers, we learned more about the ever-changing demands and trends. As such, more factories were established to service the growing needs of the market. Today, we have five facilities in total, including:

 IQF Facility

Freeze Dry Facility

Air Dry Facility

Extraction and Cold Press Facility

Protein Facility

At Qimei, we never stop exploring new methods and developing new products. We love to hear from customers and help them create new and unique products for the growing market.

We don't just build quality,
we build trust

When it comes to selecting a long-term supplier, the most important factor is trust - especially in the organic products world. We understand that, and have never taken customers' trust for granted.

We are working hard to make every new business opportunity into a long-term partnership.

in-house testing lab

We also understand trust doesn’t just come from words - it comes from proven records. Throughout the years, we refined our food quality and safety system and went beyond the regulatory standards. We obtained organic certificates from the major markets, including:

USDA Organic Certificate

European Union Organic Certificate

Canada Organic Certificate

China Organic Certificate

Japan Organic Certificate

On the production side, we were awarded major food safety management system certificates including:

ISO 22000



That's not all. We have many more on our list, including:

Kosher Certificate

Steam Treatment in-house

500+ Pesticides Tested

FSPCA Trained

We are fortunate that more and more customers are choosing to work with us. It motivates us to accomplish even more than what is necessary. We strive to live up to the customers' trust and expectations.


Realizing your ideas,
big or small

Every idea or business, no matter how much potential it may have, starts from something small. We get it. We are happy to work with customers of all different sizes and grow with them together.

Whether it is a technical question, or a tight timeline, we have it covered.

With the office and distribution centers in the U.S. and Europe, we have greater capacity and flexibility to help an idea go live, quickly. We provide many features and special services to support our clients' projects, including:

Small MOQ

Custom Blending

Customizable Packaging

Technical Support

Fast Turnaround

We have helped many businesses and projects grow quite large. Yet it is ultimately our customers' story to tell.

We are only doing the heavy lifting behind the scenes, quietly.

Congratulations are in order to you since you went this far to read our story. Want to comment or get in touch? Please click HERE. Reading our story will not bring you success, but talking to us may lead you there.

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