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You've probably heard suppliers say they offer "the best quality" plenty of times. But that doesn't mean much, we know. Instead, we offer full transparency to ensure our quality meets your highest standards.
The Bottom Line: we do our own organic farming, we have an A rating on BRC, we do in-house steam treatment, and we test for 500+ pesticides on our products.
We have implemented a fully integrated quality control system. Our comprehensive quality control plan is monitored by a certified PCQI (Preventive Control Qualified Individual) and consists of five cohesive programs:


Process Preventive Program

Allergen Control Program

Sanitation Preventive Program

Supply-Chain Approval Program

Food Defense Program

In House QC Lab

To build long-term relationships with customers, high quality alone isn't enough. Consistency is just as important.
We have state of the art in-house quality assurance laboratory that runs tests on every batch of products before we ship them out. The lab testing capacities include:


Microbiological testing

Moisture testing

Water activity testing

Physical testing

Organoleptic testing

HPCL testing

UV testing

PSL testing

Identification testing

Heavy metals testing

We also work closely with well recognized 3rd-party laboratories, such as Eurofins, to conduct duplicate or additional tests. We certify that the products are:

Melamine free
Gluten Free
Added Sugar free
BSE/TSE free

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