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From Our Organic Farm to Your Warehouse

“ We are our own producers and our factories operates the highest of food safety with different organic certifications. We also source our ingredients from local farmers with a long-term relationship, to enable us to secure productivity at the most competitive prices during all seasons.” 

Our farmers are certified local growers, their knowledge and dedication to organic farming can guarantee our products are the finest.

All of our products are grown in the natural and environmental-friendly way. Because we want to take care of our nature just like taking care of ourselves.

Our products are 100% organic, and non-GMO. Keeping our product and soil natural and healthy is our mission.



Qimei USA INC (DBA: Organic Kitchen) is a USA subsidiary company of Hebei Qimei Agriculture Science and Technology Co, Ltd (Qimei), and has offices in Manhattan, NY and Ithaca, NY. We are the export-import representative for Qimei in the United States.


Qimei grows, manufactures and trades an extensive line of organic converting and organic food products. Qimei USA imports and sells parent company’s USDA certified organic food to US market; imports parent company's products as raw ingredients for US Nutraceuticals manufactures; and export varieties of high quality further processed organic products such as organic milk, cloth and cosmetics, to China and sell them to the parent company’s organic retails stores.

We are dedicated to providing the best quality products and committed to pursuing environmental sustainability. We will continue to improve our techniques and provide remarkable customer services to meet all your needs.






We are our own producers,

we process our own food products,

sustainably, organically.  

Organic AD Fruits, Vegetables & Herbs

Organic FD Fruits, Vegetables

Organic Juice powder

Organic Protein

Organic Plant Extract

IQF vegetable

Seasoning & Spice


"Quality is our emphasis; we not only bring quality products to our customers but also quality service."