The demand for organic food is soaring in China, and we want to introduce healthy organic food products to as many customers as possible. Our online store was established in 2016 and will becoming a major tool to sell both our parent company's products and our represented products to customers everywhere in China.

Over the past 18 years, Qimei has been importing different organic food and products from different countries around the world to China.


As one of its subsidiaries, Qimei USA was established based on Qimei's global development strategy, of which aims to build a strong connection and introduce the international organic food and agricultural products to the Chinese market.


We will provide our best service and acknowledge of the local market for you, and help to sell your product successfully and continuously.

Domestic organic stores and High-end market

Qimei aims to build the most trustful organic food brand in China, currently we have three organic stores open in China, which well not only Qimei's products, but also organic certified products that we import from other countries. Products includes pasta and wines from Italy, milk from Danish, and et cetera.


Qimei is a multinational corporation, one of our branches located in Shanghai covers high-end market channels that meet customers' needs. 

Our VIP club services the most premium quality food with finest cooking skills that turn healthy organic ingredients into delicious meals for our valuable customers.